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We'd like to share our frequently asked questions and useful answers here. If there's anything you'd like to know but can't find the answer to, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

General questions about our private swim school

Each term is 12 weeks with a break in the middle for half term.

Each lesson is 30 minutes.

There are a maximum of 4 in a class.

Parents/carers are in the water for Baby and Toddler classes. Pre school and primary school (beginner) children are in the water on their own with the swimming teacher.

There is a private (free) car park on the premises with easy access to the pool building.

Changing and clothing questions

Babies and toddlers are anticipated to need to get changed into swim wear on arrival. For this purpose changing mats are available and belongings stowed away in baskets provided. Please note there are no refuse bins so all rubbish is to be taken away with you.

Pre school and primary school aged children are asked to arrive 'beach ready' wherever possible. We introduced this during COVID and the benefit of noise reduction in changing rooms during lessons was dramatic so we have maintained it. Where changing prior to a arrival is not possible we are, of course, happy to make exception and allow children to change in the changing rooms. 

Swimming hats are compulsory wear for all children three years and older.

We recommend that all children from pre school onwards wear swimming goggles. Submerging faces into the water is a necesity in swimming and eye protection helps with this. 

We ask that all babies and potty training toddlers wear two layers. a swim nappy (available in all supermarkets) and an outer layer...ideally neoprene to help with protection.

Swimming lesson timings

All baby and toddler lessons take place on weekday mornings between 0930 - 1130. There are some (limited) lessons on a Saturday morning.

All pre-school lessons are timetabled during weekdays between midday and 2.30pm. 

All after school hours are reserved for primary school aged children 5 days a week and Saturday morning. Lessons begin at 3.30pm for local schools able to make it here by then (Ropley and Preston Candover) and take place every half an hour until 7pm

Term Times for Swimming Lessons

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