Covid-19 Practice and Procedures

April 2021

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you prior to restarting lessons at School of Dolphins on April 19th so as to let you know how we will keep you, your child/ren and the environment safe and at minimum risk from the Pandemic Covid-19.

This covers three areas of information:

1. What preparations we have carried out at School of Dolphins to date

2. What we at School of Dolphins will be required to do ion going

3. What we ask of you and your child/ren to do


Preparations at School of Dolphins

The Guidelines from Swim England and the UK Government remain unchanged from last year and helped us create a suitable risk assessment. We have:

  • Altered the layout for social distancing measures
  • Provided sanitiser on arrival and exit
  • Displayed signage where required
  • Invested in the ventilation and airflow unit
  • Deep cleaned the pool and surrounding area as well as equipment
  • Stocked professional sterilising and cleaning products
  • Provided individual changing areas
  • Completed On-line Covid-19 training
  • Provided single use equipment for children
  • Removed all spare goggles and hats that will no longer be available
  • Designed a different timetable allowing sufficient time to sanitise the required areas after every session
  • Designated certain areas within the pool ‘out of use’ i.e. no showering or use of coat hooks
  • Please at no time block the doors to The Party Barn. Due to the reduced capacity and gap between lessons parking will not be a problem.


The Service we will provide at School of Dolphins

  • A timetable that will ensure social distancing compliance to the guidelines and which will strictly require punctual time management to maintain hygiene standards 
  • Stagger our client’s entry and exit of the premises for all pre schooler and distance all primary school children
  • We will greet you at the entrance door without close contact (no hugs, kisses or handshakes) and inform you of your number (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • We will request you to sterilise your hands and then proceed to your labelled changing facility or bench
  • We request that all primary school children arrive ‘beach ready’ – namely dressed in swim wear and ready for the water. They are also asked to leave promptly after the lesson in order to allow time for cleaning before the next lesson
  • The shower sadly cannot be used
  • Children and parents are not allowed to socialise on the swim school premises. After the lessons please go straight to your car and leave promptly
  • We will contact clients and cancel appointments immediately if we start to experience symptoms or feel unwell
  • We will provide one set of equipment to each child that must not be shared and which will be sterilised after each use


Required from our clients at School of Dolphins

Most important please:



  • We must ask that you be punctual for your lesson as we cannot afford to run late at any time
  • Please don’t arrive early. We cannot allow early clients to enter until previous clients have left and we have sanitised completely to maintain our high standards.
  • You must wash your hands with the sanitiser provided.
  • As we are following strict hygiene guideline’s we will ask you to take all rubbish home with you and leave nothing in the pool building
  • During your child’s lesson please avoid touching surfaces or allowing any of your household to. 
  • Children and the person supporting in the water (where needed) will do a sitting entry from poolside. Use of the steps will be limited to stop congestion.
  • On exit all people will use their allocated changing room and leave promptly for all cleaning of the area for the next group. Family pods will be given the same changing room.
  • Please exit building quickly and we ask that you don’t congregate on the mat or the outside area as the next session maybe waiting.
  • Only one adult person should accompany a swimmer at all times
  • We strongly recommend no siblings but fully understand this may not always be possible so  we would ask you notify us  directly and please don’t just turn up with siblings
  • No feeding is permitted for babies or toddlers on the premise and we respectfully ask that you leave the car park immediately after your lesson to allow the next class to park.


Download a copy of this Covid-19 Practice and Procedures document here.

Thank you so much for supporting us during these extraordinary times. Every measure will be maintained to ensure everyone’s safety.
We are so looking forward to seeing you.