Level 5

For this level you will mainly need to see yourself in front of a mirror

  • Front crawl:
  • Standing straight. Bring your arm over the surface making sure your elbow is bent when you pull back and as you reach forward you make sure your thumb is entering the water first.
  • Backstroke:
  • Standing straight again. Start with your arm by your side/pocket raise your arm like a marching solider then when you can see your hand turn it so your baby finger will enter the water first. Your arms should brush past your ear straight still and then bring down to your side again.
  • Butterfly:
  • Standing slightly lent forward. Start with both hands by your side fingers shut and pointing down to floor. Pull both arms back at the same time with a bent elbow. Then bring them out to the side with still a bent elbow to what I say looks like an aeroplane position. Throw them both forward at the same time with your thumbs down so they would enter the water first. Then pull back to your pockets again and repeat.
  • Breast Stroke:
  • Standing straight again. Start with your rocket arms out in front .Bend your elbows nice and high pulling your hands down and round. This should be a small action in front of you inside your body width. Then straight back to your rockets to repeat. Practice your leg action sitting on a chair - legs extended then bend, star and snap shut holding whilst you do the arm pull.
  • Practice forward rolls in the garden as these will help you master a forward somersault in water
  • Practice handstands (safely)