Level 4

  • Sculling hands : Practice standing with your hands by your side fingers shut making a figure of 8 movement with you hand. Hands into your pocket and out again.
  • Butterfly:  Lie on your tummy legs together and working at the same time practice bending from the knee to make a mermaid tail action.
  • Breaststroke: Stand with your knees and feet turned out. Sitting on a chair, outstretch your legs straight, bend them down - penguin feet out - stay shape and snap them shut to hold. Repeat this exercise until you are doing it without thinking
  • Talk to your children about the concept of buoyancy and find some toys that you can use to demonstrate in buckets of water
  • At a safe height (!) get your child to demonstrate the three different types of jump we teach: Pencil: Star and Tuck jumps
  • Lying on the floor on stomach with arms outstretched into rockets, demonstrate a roll onto the back with arms remaining in position. Repeat this starting on the back.